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In today's era of survival of the fittest, where the fastest player wins the race you need an ingenious partner who is fast, nimble, and creative in strategizing and delivering solutions, and that's precisely what we do.

At Taproot we deliver leading-edge solutions in the areas of Application Development, Product Development, Blockchain Technology, AI and Machine Learning, Customized ERP solutions, Application Integration, Technology Consulting, Project Management and Quality Assurance Consulting.

Our focus is on modernizing IT, introducing fresh technology solutions, building process efficiencies and basically, driving the complete digital revolution for you.

Pega BPM, Case Management and Robotics

Taproot is founded by experienced Pegasystems certified architects. With more than two decades of experience in developing and delivering enterprise applications, Taproot brings a unique value to our clients providing high performance, innovative, and experienced rapid delivery Pegasystems certified architects.

Taproot has a word-class delivery capability and extensive expertise in Pega technologies - Pega BPM, Case Management, Decisioning, CRM and Robotics (RPA/RDA/OpenSpan). Taproot has over 45 Pega Certified resources - Lead Systems Architects (LSA), Pega Certified Senior Systems Architects (CSSA), Pega Certified Systems Architects (CSA) who can support on your digital transformation and automation projects.

Over years Taproot implemented custom Pega integrations with products like Sharepoint, Office 365, Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), Docker containers, Cloud and DevOps etc.., as per customer needs.

How can Taproot support your team?

  • End-to-End Pega project implementations
  • Design reviews
  • Integrations
  • UI/UX resources
  • Certified Lead Systems Architects (CLSA)
  • DevOps
  • System upgrades

Application Development

Taproot leverages current industry standard technologies and methodologies to develop custom applications across industries. Our team of Project Managers (PM), Business Analysts (BA), and System Architects support your team to build world-class secure enterprise applications.

How can Taproot support your team?

  • Business Analysis and Systems Engineering
  • Agile Software Architecture and Development
  • DevOps Engineers
  • Quality Assurance and Testing
  • Deployment, Training, and Sustainment

Digital Transformation

Taproot handles complete digital transformation for BPMs in a streamlined manner that is complete, fast, and affordable. In today's competitive market, the efficiency of a company is a key criterion for success because, in addition to innovation, operating efficiency is key to improving the company's competitive advantage in the market. Knowing and understanding the details of business processes is therefore highly important because this gives us the opportunity to identify the bottlenecks and optimize business processes.

Today's digital transformation is pushing organizations - Federal, State, Local government, and others alike into automation. Increase in efficiency, revenues, customer satisfaction can be achieved through automation by combining robotics, machine learning, NLP, and BPM.

Taproot has been supporting a number of clients in their digital automation journey and has a great team of experts to support your goals and needs.

How can Taproot support your team?

  • Idea generation
  • Strategic consulting
  • Design and implementation solutions with latest technologies

Risk Management and Compliance

Risk modeling is key to organizations mainly for financial and banking clients. Adoption of risk models and simulations is becoming common these days to handle exposure to various factors - Financial, Credit, Compliance, Operational, Political etc., and the its need is even becoming more warranted than ever. Data is the key and Taproot has experience developing these risk models and simulations. Our expert team will work with you to understand and leverage the internal and external data for insights and advise on next actions.

How can Taproot support your team?

  • Develop Models and Simulations
  • Algorithms for derivatives
  • Analyze large datasets
  • Analyze and apply methods in machine learning
  • Develop and implement algorithms with latest technologies
  • Derivatives for risk management

Cloud Transformation

Taproot has an experienced team of engineers who already worked on complex architecture transformations to move onto cloud. We will support your team in building a strategy and choose the best model - Public, Private or Hybrid depending on the demands.

How can Taproot support your team?

  • Research
  • Strategic consulting
  • Architectural approaches
  • Cloud readiness
  • Application migration
  • Implementation and Governance

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